• The authors:
    Ekaterina V. Kovalenko
    Firuza Bunyadova
  • Issue: July 24-26th, 2019
  • Pages: 549-555
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Abstract. Language is the most important means of depicting artistic life in
literature. Literary images and all works of art consist of verbal images, that
is, individual words, combinations of words, paragraphs, strophes, parts of a
literary work or even a whole work of art, as a unique organized element of
poetical speech.
Metaphor is one of the most common artistic tropes in literature. It is based
on the similarity of objects or phenomena in a variety of features and also
arises from the comparison, comparison of a new subject with already wellknown and the allocation of their common features. In poetry metaphor
plays a huge role. There is no author who would not use metaphorical
transfer to describe in bright colors the various phenomena and actions. This
is especially true of modern poetry, in which all images are metaphorical
and full.
Today, metaphor is a popular trope in poetry and in various novels and
works. However, despite the popularity of metaphor in poetry, the
comparison and functioning of metaphor in Spanish and English are not
sufficiently studied. This is what determines the topicality of this article.
The objective of the study is the comparison of the functioning of metaphors
in modern poetry in English and Spanish.
Many linguists studied both metaphor and poetry. Poetry interested in such
scholars as Martin A., Rizel E. G., Smirnitsky A. I., and others.
Contemporary poetry studied such linguists as Polozkova V. N., Astakhov I.
A., Borodin E. A., Dorofeeva, and others. The study of metaphors involved
linguists such as Harutyunova N. D, Bessorabova N. D, Efimov A. I.,
DOI: 10.22363/09669-2019-549-555
Chudinov A. P., Kharchenko V. K. and others. We took their research as a
basis of the theoretical part of the article.
The experimental basis was served by the poems of the English poets
Robert Service “A song of success” and Robert Pinsky “To Television” and
Spanish poets Elvira Sastre “Camino de huída y Vuelta” and David Huerta
“El peso de una chispa”.
Practical and theoretical significance of the work.Within the framework of
the presented work, the task was to carry out a detailed and comprehensive
analysis of the poems of English and Spanish modern poets.
The theoretical significance of the presented work is that this study allows
to develop and expand the methodological and empirical base of a little
developed in domestic and foreign science direction. The presented study is
aimed at solving a significant scientific problem that will make a significant
contribution to the development of modern issues of development and study
of poetry.
During conduction of the presented study were used general scientific
methods, which included the analysis of the data on the research topic, the
synthesis of individual intermediate conclusions on the presented
components of the study, generalization and formulation of the final
conclusions on the work, and private scientific methods.
The introduction shows the topicality of the article, objectives, theoretical
and methodological foundations and the importance of both theoretical and
practical significance.
In the first part of the article there is an overview of the metaphor in modern
The second part of the article is a practical part, which consists concrete
examples based on modern poems in English and Spanish, similarities and
differences of metaphor in English and Spanish in modern poetry.
In results and discussion there are findings, based on the work with foreign
References consist of main scientific works from different authors that were
used in the formation of the article.
Keywords: metaphor, modern poetry, the target domain, the source domain

Ekaterina V. Kovalenko1, Firuza Bunyadova2
People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Moscow,
Russia, e-mail:
People’s Friendship University оf Russia(RUDN University),
Moscow, Russia, e-mail:

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