Middle-Term Conference

Culture and Education: Social Transformations and Multicultural Communication
RC04 Sociology of Education International Sociological Association (ISA)

Nicosia, Cyprus, 10/9/2019
Dear Rector of RUDN University, Moscow,

I am writing to you to express my most sincere appreciation for hosting the conference “Culture and Education: Social Transformations and Multicultural Communication” at RUDN from July 24th until July 26th 2019.

Both me and my colleagues from the Research Committee of Sociology of Education – International Sociological Association have the best memories and were highly impressed by the experience of visiting your institution for this event.

Professor Sharonova was an excellent organizer and everything was done with the utmost professionalism, which reflects highly on the quality of your institution and your colleagues working there.

I wish to thank you for hosting us and for all your support and wish you all the best for any future activities you and your university may organize.

With warm regards,

Marios Vryonides
President of ISA-RC04,
Research Committee 04 (Sociology of Education)
International Sociological Association

The current phase of social development is characterized by massive changes in economic, political, social, cultural and other spheres. As globalizing processes intensify in economically developed countries, education becomes one of the key social infrastructure elements.  Meanwhile, technological transformations pose significant problems inevitably related to the functioning of the institution of education. In the context of contemporary social development, education is seen as a primary means for increasing the competitiveness of not only countries and regions, but also of individuals. Globalization significantly affects the formation of the knowledge society, within which educational and cultural systems face unprecedented challenges. On the one hand, globalization presents endless possibilities for broadening communication and cultural spaces, thus producing new knowledge and technologies. On the other, it is associated with forces having a highly destructive character, resulting in a continuing transformation of existing notions concerning the proper forms and boundaries of such fundamental societal phenomena as culture and education.
Integration processes have also involved dramatic changes in national education systems, which are currently facing a number of considerable challenges. Thus, the significance of knowledge as an essential principle in the training of highly-qualified specialists is permanently increasing. Today, such professionals are not ready to merely replicate and disseminate information; rather, they are willing to produce new fundamental knowledge. When investigating conventional sociological problems, e.g. inequality, mobility and educational achievements, it becomes essential to consider their cultural aspects. As a result, culture cannot be considered anymore as a passive transition between institutional conditions and human actions. This means that researchers should implement state-of-the-art cultural sociological approaches that are informed by the dimension of multicultural communication.

Conference Organizers:
RC04 Sociology of Education ISA, European University of Cyprus (Cyprus), Institute of Foreign Languages of RUDN (Russia), Institute of Sociology FRSC RAS (Russia), Russian Society of Sociologists (RSS), Faculty of Philology of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), Moscow State Linguistic University (Russia)

Aim of the Conference: 
The conference is aimed at facilitating discussions, sharing research and building connections between Russian and foreign researchers. The organizers encourage a multidisciplinary approach to the Conference topics.

Issues for discussion:

  1. Educational culture and society
  2. Mass media and educational information systems
  3. Globalization and national education systems: Multicultural policy
  4. Special or inclusive education: New challenges to education
  5. New challenges in the sphere of higher education
  6. Global issues in education, culture and linguistics: Methodology and experience of empirical research
  7. Institution of scientific leadership: Challenges of academic capitalism
  8. Education expansion and social inequality: Global and local perspectives
  9. Educational strategies in national education systems in the context of globalization
  10. Education and labour market in contemporary and future world
  11. Teaching profession, teacher-student relationships, school curriculum in the context of globalization
  12. Transformation of culture and the formation of social medium
  13. Education and educators in social modernization
  14. Media representations (or narratives) and contemporary culture
  15. Intercommunication as a result of globalization and social transformation
  16. Culture and education in the digital society
  17. Educational and cultural problems of migrants
  18. Linguistics and modern languages in the multicultural space of society and education
  19. Intercultural communication in a transforming society
  20. Translation and interpretation before the challenges of globalization
  21. Linguistics and humanities: Interdisciplinarity in science and didactics

Keynote Speakers:

Thematic trends in research publications and the ethical policy of scientific journals
The conference will feature a round table with the chief editors of international scientific journals (Q1) indexed in the international citation databases Scopus and Web of Science:

  • Susan L. Robertson – Prof., Cambridge University, England, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Globalisation, Societies and Education (Q1)
    Theme: Founding an Inter-Disciplinary Journal to Foster and Disseminate Critical Research on Globalisation, Societies and Education
  • Miguel Nussbaum – Prof., Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Computers and Education (Q1)
    Theme: My experience as editor of Computers & Education
    Presintation: My experience as editor of Computers & Education
  • Chiang Tien-Hui ‑ Distinguished Prof., Zhengzhou University, China, International Sociological Association, Constitutional Standing Committee, the World Congress of Comparative Education Societies, Editorial Board of Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education (Q1), International Journal of Educational Research (Q2), Senior Editor, Cogent Education
    Theme:The ethical code of reviewers
    Presentation: The ethical code of reviewers
  • Elsa Huertas Barros  Lecturer, University of Westminster, UK, Editorial Board of the journal Interpreter and Translator Trainer (Q1)
    Theme: Publishing in T&I indexed journals: understanding the process
    Presentation: Publishing in T&I indexed journals: understanding the process

In addition to thematic sessions, a Special Methodological Session with the participation of a special guest

Accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings (RSCI indexed) by the RUDN University Publishing House. The Organizers intend to submit a book of selectedconference papers for consideration for indexing in the WoS database. The editorial board reserves the right to reject papers that do not meet the selection criteria or do not fall into the scope of the Conference.